Monday, January 09, 2012

Kelantan's Desire Band Reunion

Some bands are so important, that they shouldn’t disappeared easily. Their fighting spirit and their experiences is so valuable for new generation of musicians. Malaysian’s owned hard rock band, Desire is one of those important band that shaped up the rock movement in Malaysia since 80′s. Way back in 1987-1988, Kelantan rockers was so proud of their homegrown bands, like Desire & Zodiak. Desire had their successful days when Polygram released their debut album Sumpitan Senja in 1988. With  good melodies, great guitar work and brilliant songwriting, Sumpitan Senja managed to captured mainstream listeners attention. Ballads like Dian Cinta & Pemergian were heavily played in various mainstream radios during that time.

However their creativity peak was in their 2nd album, +-x/. This album definitely heavier, more dynamic guitar work, a teaspoon of blues plus more whammy bar and dive bombing guitar work by Lie. My favorite tracks are Otak Ular , Benar Tetap Benar and +-x/. this 2nd album also served mainstream audience with their all time great ballads such as Bias Cinta & Sentuhan.  This was my favorite cassette in those days, always in my Toshiba Bombeat compo.

In 1990, Desire released their 3rd album Kata Kata Kata, featuring new vocalist Eury Khan. With this album, they experimented with new sound, a mixture of funk with hard rock element. The recording was a bit polished and more strings arrangement mixed in. Eury left the band and formed Nobat and then S.O.S in early 90′s. After long hiatus, Desire released their 4th, album Putri Saadong in 2007, which is more modern, relaxed but still had their hard rock elements.
Now, these great rockers are back. Personally, these unsung heroes deserve their respect for doing what they love most, rock music. For those rockers who don’t have any clue what’s Desire all about, come and witness their showcase. Then you’ll know, how great they are. Desire shouldn’t be forgotten. Hope to see Desire releasing their next album soon..TQ for all the great music. Full respect!

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